Title Running Time Type Genre
PINOCCHIO IN OUTER SPACE 63 Minutes Film Animated Adventure

The first re-release of this delightful, full-length animated feature!

Beloved Geppetto, the Blue Fairy, and the Sly Fox are joined by Astro, the flying whale, Nurtle, the jet-propelled "twurtle", and a galaxy of hilarious and lovable new friends as Pinocchio embarks on an exciting adventure in outer space.

Sometime in the future, Pinocchio, because he reverted back to being a bad boy, is transformed into a puppet again. The Blue Fairy tells him that only by doing a good deed, unselfishly, will he again regain his human form.

A mysterious flying whale named Astro is terrorizing space ships near Earth, so Pinocchio dreams of capturing Astro as his deed to becoming a real boy again. On the way to school, Pinocchio meets sly Fox and his crony, The Cat. Seduced by their talk, he hopes to be able to hypnotize Astro. The problem is now to find the space whale.

Suddenly, with the whistling of a jet, Nurtle the Turtle lands near Pinocchio and convinces him to go with him into space. After a flight full of excitement, they land on Mars and discover a lost city where they are attacked by monstrous creatures. Just in time, they save their spaceship from the claws of gigantic crabs.

Continuing their flight in space, Nurtle and Pinocchio suddenly find themselves face to face with Astro, the flying whale, who swallows them up. They manage to escape and a mad pursuit starts. Luckily, Pinocchio is able to hypnotize Astro and through his heroism, the whale is captured. Pinocchio regains his life because of his unselfish deed, and once again, he becomes a real boy with a golden heart.

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