Title Running Time Type Genre
THE Hideout 87 Minutes Film Family

Starring David Sterago, Francis Urry, Ron Frederickson, Terry Shellenberger, Tamara Fowler, Alex Hennion, Stanley Foster and introducing Kerry Wheatcroft

Itís the middle of the Great Depression in a sleepy county in Western Kansas. Fifteen-year-old Len Pennelís father has just been appointed sheriff. Almost immediately, events begin to shatter this peaceful existence. On a neighboring farm, Cleon, the wayward son of Old Man Nebeker, has come home from the East with a pal called Heavy, but Cleon and Heavy clearly have no interest in working the farm. Cleonís kid brother, Junior, is fascinated by the men. They provide a welcome diversion to an otherwise dull summer. And just about now, small-town banks in the area are falling prey to a series of daring armed robberies in broad daylight committed by Cleon and his pals. The thieves disappear like ghosts, leaving false clues that fool lawmen into thinking theyíve escaped to another state, though holed-up in a hideout on the Nebeker farm. Itís a tough nut for the new sheriff Ė Lenís father Ė to crack. It keeps him too busy to be Lenís summer fishing partner. To fill the void, the boy ignores his motherís stern advice and befriends Junior Nebeker. What started as a few petty robberies soon becomes serious business and the Nebeker gang grows bolder. Tolerant of their activities to this point, Old Man Nebeker now turns his sons away. Then Len discovers the connection between his new pals and the bank robberies, but not before he becomes a prisoner in Cleonís hideout. Now the sheriff must smoke out the outlaws and extricate his own son from the prison unharmed.

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