Title Episodes and Run Time Type Genre
COMPANIONS TO NONE 56 mins Film Animal Rights

WINNER Best Feature Film, Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood

WINNER Humanitarian Award, Lone Star International Film Festival

NOMINEE Genesis Awards, HSUS, Hollywood

OFFICIAL SELECTION Breckenridge Festival of Film

For millions of stray dogs and cats, survival on the streets of Mexico is only slightly better than the brutal death that awaits them in Mexico's dog pounds or "antirrabicos," as they are called. 

But there is hope, COMPANIONS TO NONE takes an in-depth look at the animal overpopulation and abuse crisis in Mexico and the dedicated individuals who face tremendous political, economic and cultural pressures in an effort to solve the problem and make life better for man's most loyal companions. 

While the film focuses on the companion animal crisis, its context is the crushing poverty and deprivation endured by the majority of Mexico's human population. This gives one an instant appreciation and understanding of what is behind the immigration crisis facing the U.S. today. 

COMPANIONS TO NONE is an important film that should be seen by audiences throughout the world. Mexico is hardly alone on this issue. Over 10 million healthy dogs and cats are euthanized annually in the U.S. because they have no homes. 

It is truly a global problem.

Activists featured in the film include Lolita Ayala, Mexico's most popular News Anchor (Televisa) and activist for the rights of children and animals, plus Mexican film and television stars Diana Golden and Patricia Spindola.

Spanish version: "Companeros de Nadie" narrated by Diana Golden




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