Title Episodes and Run Time Type Genre
PK TAKES VEGAS TV version: 48 minutes Special Extreme Sports Action

TV version: 48 minutes        DVD version: 57 minutes plus bonus features             For more information and the promo, go to http://pktakesvegas.com/index.html

PK TAKES VEGAS is the first of its kind American film documenting the exciting new sports of Parkour and Free Running. We follow some of America's hottest traceurs as they approach Las Vegas as a giant urban playground. They tell their own story explaining why they do it, why they love it, and how they train.

Brian Orosco, King David, Mike Avery, Devon Bardole and Ronnie Shalvis are joined by young local talents Jeremy Carpenter and Ryan Nickels. Follow them as they run, flip, jump and climb over, under and through this neon jungle.

Locations include Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Thomas & Mack Center, Hoover Dam, College of Southern Nevada and many others. Then witness the other side of the sport, 'natural parkour' in pristine Red Rock Canyon just outside the city. Plus, join Brian, King and Mike as they go behind-the-scenes for a training session with Cirque du Soliel's KA artists.

The hot new alternative rock band, Grace Over Diamonds, provides the soundtrack.

 Bonus features on the DVD version make it even more fun.

A raw new sport. . .all for the creativity, the love, the personal challenge. No nets, no rehearsals, it's all real. Creativity in motion, personal interviews, unique architecture and neon lights, make PK TAKES VEGAS a feast for the senses. Shot entirely in Hi-Def.

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